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We are an authorized distributor of leading manufacturers like IDEC, Crouzet, Honeywell, Omron, EAO, Sensata Crydom and more. Switches and relays are central to any build, and with our inventory of over 750,000 switches, 65,000 relays, 60 years of experience, and the market’s best-known brands, Carlton-Bates is here to support your needs.


Limit and Basic Switches

CBC is one of the leading sources for limit and basic switches in the U.S. Whether you’re building entry gates, microwave ovens, a photocopier, conveyor or compactor, we can get you the exact switch you need. Carlton-Bates supports millions of transactions for basic and limit switches. One of the most widely used products is also has one of the most wide-ranging products – with options galore. We can help you find what you need with our experience, expertise, and solid relationships with top-of-the-line suppliers.

Omron General-Purpose Limit Switch Product Sheet

Honeywell MICRO SWITCH™ V15 Basic Limit Switch Product Sheet

Crouzet V3DS Miniature Microswitches Fact Sheet

Honeywell MICRO SWITCH™ Hazardous Area Switches – BX/BX2 Series

Crouzet V5D Sub-Miniature Microswitches Fact Sheet

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Pushbutton, Toggle and Rockers

Pushbutton, Toggle and Rockers

Need a pushbutton for an inside application or perhaps a more rugged application? Since 1957, Carlton-Bates has been helping customers pick the right products for their designs. We have deep roots with suppliers such as Honeywell, EAO, Omron IDEC and more. Speak with a representative today to find a solution to your switching application.

EAO Series 82 Vandal-Resistant Pushbutton Guide

Omron A16 Pubushbutton Switch Product Sheet

IDEC Switches and Pilot Devices Guide

EAO Series 04 Failsafe Switching Product Sheet

IDEC HW Series Switch and Pilot Device Guide

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Keylock and Rotary Switches

Need to lock things up? Have a switch need with multiple modes? We have options. Key position, switching mode, type of contacts, number of terminals, voltage and more. Buy your switch components from a supplier you can trust – Carlton-Bates.

Omron Key-Type Selector Switches A22NK Series Product Sheet

EAO Series 04 Illuminated Selector Switch Brochure

EAO Transportation Switches Brochure

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Relays and Timers

CBC has over 65,000 relays on our shelves ready to ship. If you’re looking for a specific relay, we have you covered. Top relay and timer suppliers like Omron, Crouzet and Sensata Crydom are another advantage to working with Carlton-Bates.

Sensata Crydom Solid State Relays Fact Sheet

IDEC Timer Selection Guide

Crouzet Syr-Line Timers Fact Sheet

Omron General-Purpose Relays MYS Series Brochure

IDEC Relay Selection Guide

Sensata Crydom Why Solid State Relays Flyer

Crouzet Baler Fact Sheet

Omron Miniature Power Relays Guide

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