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Automation to Move You Forward

Discover fully integrated automation solutions for your company. Legacy products are not designed to keep up with current real-world processes and needs. A move toward a complete IIoT will be key to efficient processes and savings. You can increase your productivity, cycle time, and flexibility with automation products from Carlton-Bates Company including HMIs, Smart Relays, Distributed IO, PLCs, Ethernet switches and modules, media converters, and more.


PLCs and HMIs

Repeatedly replacing legacy systems is expensive, time consuming, and frustrating. CBC has the suppliers who can offer PLC and HMI solutions to put you at the forefront of the Industry 4.0 pack. Our products will keep your automation systems and processes up-to-date.

IDEC Control and Automation Products

Red Lion FlexEdge

EXOR JSmart Series

Crouzet MillenumEVO

Red Lion FlexEdge Manufacturing

EXOR 700 Series

IDEC MicroSmart FC6A

Crouzet Automation Overview

Red Lion FlexEdge Oil and Gas

EXOR eSmart

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Programmable/Smart Relays

Programmable or smart relays contain automation, display, timer, and control all in one package. The size and base of the relays are dependent on the amount of I/O modules needed. These relays are used for light industrial settings and come in a variety of styles. CBC will help you find the right relay for your application.

Crouzet Universal Timer

Molex Building Next-Gen Interconnect Solutions

6th Generation IDEC SmartRelay

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There are countless Ethernet solutions to choose from – including managed, monitored, or unmonitored options. Network management and built-in redundancy safeguard communications. Most Ethernet solutions are robust and can withstand extreme environments. Carlton-Bates also carries PoE products that distribute power and data over Ethernet. Count on CBC and our supplier partners to keep your business on the cutting edge of automation.

Omron NX-Series I/O System

Molex EtherNet to IP Serial Gateway

IDEC Ethernet Switch

Molex Ethernet-IP Links Plant Floor Productivity to Business Intelligence

Omron PE15-EN 03B+SmartSlice

Molex Direct-Link Multi IO-Device

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