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Legacy systems aren’t designed to keep up with today’s processes and needs. Increase productivity and flexibility with automation products from Carlton-Bates Company. We can help update your production equipment with the latest technology like PLC, smart relays, distributed IO, HMIs, industrial Ethernet switches, network switches and more. CBC is ahead of the curve with Industry 4.0 partners like Molex, Omron, OPTO 22, Phoenix Contact, Red Lion Controls and EXOR.


PLCs and HMIs

PLCs have evolved into sophisticated hardware systems with multiple communication protocols and programming languages to choose from. HMIs have also become much more than visual representations of a machine’s output, or simple touchscreen controls. CBC can find the best technology to support your needs today and in the future.

Opto 22 groov EPIC

Omron Sysmac Family

Phoenix Contact HMIs and Industrial PCs

Red Lion Data Station Plus

EXOR HMI and Platform Solutions

Omron Integrated HMI


Phoenix Contact Industrial PCs: Addressing the Top Five Challenges on the Factory Floor

Opto 22 groov Box Fact Sheet

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Network Hardware

Whether you need simple status feeds or complex data acquisition information, Carlton-Bates has the brands and communications solutions you need to gain valuable insight into your equipment and production.

Molex Industrial Networking Solutions for Fiber Optics

Phoenix Contact Industrial Ethernet

Red Lion Industrial Networking Product Guide

Omron NX-series I/O System Guide

Phoenix Contact Industrial Ethernet NEW FL SWITCH

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Wireless Control

Remote radio technology helps simplify communication and control for large scale, off-site equipment used in building automation, oil and gas processes and more. Learn how CBC’s remote equipment solutions can help optimize production, allow for more economical service and streamline data acquisition.

Red Lion RAM Industrial Cellular RTUs

Molex Industrial Networking Solutions for Wireless

Phoenix Contact Wireless Considerations whitepaper

Omron Wireless Pushbutton Switches

Red Lion CR1000 and CR3000 HMIs

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