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Switches and relays are central to any build, so make sure you buy the right one upfront from CBC partners with industry-leading suppliers such as Carling, Crouzet, Eaton, Honeywell, Phoenix Contact, and SUNS. Whether your application is creating a bagger, palletizer, wheelchair, or a control panel, consult CBC for the right switch or relay the first time. Time is money.


Limit and Basic Switches

Carlton-Bates supports millions of transactions for basic and limit switch needs. One of the most widely used solutions also has one of the most wide-ranging products, with options galore. We can help you find what you need with our experience, expertise, and solid relationships with top-of-the-line suppliers.

Honeywell MICRO SWITCH Limit Switch Comparison

Carling Technologies Switches Fact Sheet

SUNS HMS/HLS/HNS Series Heavy Duty Limit Switches

Crouzet Microswitches Selection Guide

Eaton Industrial Controls Line Card

Honeywell Transportation and Industrial Guide for Limit Switches

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Pushbuttons are the most recognizable type of switch. From miniature and power switches to CANbus keypads, most pushbuttons are IP rated and have a long life. The options are almost endless. Let us know your application, and we can recommend the right switch for you.

SUNS PB(M)22 Series Push Buttons and Operator Interface

Crouzet Manually Operated Switch Selection Guide

Eaton Pushbutton Selection Guide

Crouzet Subminiature Pushbuttons and Toggles Guide

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Rotary, Rocker, and Toggle

Rotate, rock, and roll. The correct switch makes all the difference. If you build aerial lifts, communication devices, conveyors, fryers, elevators, or any other type of equipment, you need a switch to operate it. Trust us to help you find the precise component.

Eaton Vehicle Controls and Sensors

SUNS Industrial Vehicle Switches and Controls Switch Guide

Honeywell Controlling Transportation Equipment – Mini Toggle MT Series

SUNS TN8/TL8 Sealed Toggle Switches

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Relays and Timers

Time delay, automotive, solid-state, overload protection, control, latching, safety – we can get you the right relay for your application. We also have the right suppliers, such as Crouzet, Eaton, and Phoenix Contact. And don’t forget about clips and sockets, we have plenty of those. Rely on our relays.

Phoenix Contact Relay Module – COMPLETE Line

Eaton Monitoring Made Simple

Crouzet Solid State Relay Selection Guide

Phoenix Contact RIFLINE Series Fact Sheet

Eaton’s Line of C440 Electronic Overload Relays

Phoenix Contact RIFLINE Industrial Relay System

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