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Power Products From Start to Finish

Keep your machinery and factory running with the right power products. Carlton-Bates partners with the top suppliers in the business like Eaton, APC, Phoenix Contact, Qualtek, and SANYO DENKI. Power Sources, protection, conditioning and connectivity we have products that cover every stage of power.


Power Connectivity

What is your machinery worth to you? Connectivity comes at the beginning and end of power and a solid bond is critical for efficiency. Count on Carlton-Bates to help you find the right lugs, terminal blocks, stackable power distribution, circular connectors and more.

Phoenix Contact North American Cordsets

Qualtek Power Cords

Eaton XB IEC Terminal Blocks

Phoenix Contact Push-in Terminal Blocks

Phoenix Contact M12 Power Brochure

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Power Sources

We understand you rely on consistent power for your manufacturing needs. CBC offers power sources in many shapes, types and sizes. From redundancy modules to uninterruptible, to DC/DC converters, to batteries, we have the power source you need.

Eaton Power Supplies Brochure

APC SmartUPS Lithium Ion Brochure

Phoenix Contact Power Reliability Fact Sheet

Qualtek Power Supplies

APC Micro DC Express

Phoenix Contact Power Supplies and UPS

APC ExoStructure Micro Data Center C-Series Wall Mount

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Power Protection

Protect your machinery and workers from dangerous arc flash and power surges. Electrical disruption is preventable with the proper fuses, circuit breakers, surge protection devices, disconnects and resistors. CBC works with world class suppliers to make sure your power protection needs are covered.

Qualtek Thermal Circuit Breakers


Eaton C400 Series Advanced Motor Protection

Qualtek Power Components

SANYO DENKI San Ace Oil Proof Fan

Eaton C440 Electronic Overload Relays

SANYO DENKI Endurance Fan Promotion

Eaton C441 Series Communications Modules

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Power Conditioning

Eliminate interference between components and variations in frequencies with the ideal power conditioning product. Power conditioning devices vary from one application to another. CBC partners with top suppliers to make selecting the correct transformer, heat sink or contactor easy.

Eaton Variable Frequency Drive Overview

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