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Switches and relays are central to any build – save time and money by getting the right product first. LCOMP partners with industry-leading suppliers such as Carling, Grayhill, Eaton, Honeywell, IDEC and SUNS. Whether you’re creating a bagger, palletizer, wheelchair or a control panel, consult LCOMP for the switch or relay to suit your application’s needs.


Limit and Basic Switches

LCOMP supports millions of transactions for basic and limit switch needs. One of the most widely used products also has one of the most wide-ranging products – with options galore. We can help you find what you need with our experience, expertise and solid relationships with top-of-the-line suppliers.

Honeywell V15 Series MICRO SWITCH Standard Basic Switches Fact Sheet

SUNS Limit and Basic Switch Overview

Eaton Limit Switch Selection

Honeywell – Switches for Transportation

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Pushbuttons and Indicators

Pushbuttons and indicators are the most recognizable type of switch. From miniature to power switches to CANbus keypads, most pushbuttons are IP-rated and have a long life. Options for indicators are almost endless. Let LCOMP know your application and we can recommend the right switch for you.

SUNS Pushbutton and Indicator Light Overview

Grayhill Generation 2 CANbus Keypads

Eaton Pushbutton and Indicating Lights Guide

IDEC Switches and Pilot Lights Selection Guide

Carling Technologies Switches & Controls Selector Guide

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Rotary, Rocker and Toggle

Rotate, rock and roll – the correct switch makes all the difference. Aerial lifts, communication devices, conveyors, fryers, elevators and other types of equipment require a switch for operation. Trust LCOMP to help you find the precise component.

Grayhill Optical Encoders

Eaton Rocker Switch Selection Guide

Carling Technologies Switches Fact Sheet

Honeywell Sensing Basic, Toggle & Rocker Range Guide

Grayhill Series 68B Hall Effect Rocker Switches

SUNS Toggle and Rotary Switches

Grayhill Touch Encoder

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Relays and Timers

LCOMP partners with top suppliers like Eaton and IDEC to help you find the right relay for your application including time delay, solid-state, overload protection, control, latching and safety types. Rely on our relays, clips and sockets.

IDEC RV8 Series Slim Interface Relay

Eaton Control Relays and Timers Guide

IDEC Relay and Socket Selection Guide

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