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Carlton-Bates has over 60 years of expertise in sensors. We’ve built solid relationships with industry-leading suppliers such as Pepperl+Fuchs, Omron, Sensata BEI, Bourns, Molex and Turck. With over 10,000 sensors on our shelves ready to ship, we have what you need to meet the most demanding application needs.



The best-selling type of sensor at Carlton-Bates is photoelectric sensors (or photo-eyes), which are used extensively in industrial manufacturing. We have through-beam, retroreflective, infrared, and diffused sensors for your application needs.

This photoelectric sensor is known for its:

  • Non-contact detection that ensures long life and little maintenance
  • Highly reliable detection of minute objects
  • Detection of targets such as glass, wood, plastics, metal and liquid

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Proximity sensors detect objects without direct contact and require almost no maintenance. They convert movement or presence into an electrical signal. Some models are resistant to heat, impact, water and/or chemicals to meet your toughest industrial requirements.

The four basic categories of proximity are:

  • Inductive: senses metallic objects
  • Capacitive: senses non-metallic objects as well as resins, powders, glass and liquids
  • Ultrasonic: senses transparent objects
  • Special/Other: magnetic or hall-effect

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Temperature and Pressure

Temperature sensors and pressure transducers cover a wide range of industries and applications. Whether you are building therapeutic hospital beds, railroad-crossing arms, chromatography units, refrigeration compressors, or irrigation pivot controls, we can find the right sensor for your application the first time.

Bourns Environmental Sensors Overview

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Sensor Accessories

All engineers and maintenance technicians need a cordset, reflector or mounting bracket from time to time. That’s why we keep a wide selection of sensor accessories in stock. Let us help you find exactly what you need to keep your sensors working smoothly.

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